XR Experiences

Renowned internationally as pioneers in the evaluation of XR experiences, we specialize in the meticulous assessment of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Our domain expertise encompasses comprehensive scrutiny of diverse platforms, coupled with the creation of tailored solutions to ensure flawless performance across hardware, systems, content delivery, platform integration, and device compatibility. Leveraging innovative approaches to testing automation, we possess the capability to capture and annotate human gestures and interactions with both dynamic and static environments and objects, thus providing an all-encompassing testing scope.

Our substantial industry experience and state-of-the-art methodologies have consistently aided numerous clients in attaining optimum XR engagements. We achieve this through the provision of robust testing solutions, thereby surmounting intricate technical obstacles.


Implementing a range of load, speed, memory utilization, and network situations on the Device under Examination (DuE).
Continual and iterative test cycles for ensuring stability and dependable functionality.
Performing exhaustive validations of software and hardware services to achieve seamless hardware product integration. These comprehensive system assessments evaluate end-to-end feature specifications.
Devising uniform assessments to fulfill program prerequisites, be they pre-existing or recently established.
Performing Android and iOS evaluations on real mobile devices. Executing automated functional assessments on native apps utilizing widely-recognized frameworks.
Validating cohesiveness across platform diversity, adherence to App Store criteria, and seamless handling of interrupt capabilities to guarantee uninterrupted performance.
Thoroughly exploring and validating the hardware and software capabilities of the Unit under Test (UUT) to ensure it aligns with product requirements in terms of functionality and usability.
Leveraging staff, A/B participants, and focused collectives to amass valuable insights and telemetry data for the evaluation of quality.

Why Study HQ is optimal Selection?

  • Our quality assurance teams lead the industry, with extensive experience spanning numerous years in the testing of AR/VR applications.
  • We excel in establishing and upholding support for 3rd party app certification initiatives, adhering strictly to industry guidelines and best practices to ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Leveraging our expertise in early adoption AR/VR hardware, we deliver adept quality assurance services to guarantee peak performance and compatibility.
  • Our capacity includes the creation of practical real-world scenarios for situational testing, enabling comprehensive evaluation of application functionality in diverse settings like bedrooms, office spaces, and storefronts.
  • For valuable insights, we’ve implemented robust data collection processes, encompassing focus group sessions, user feedback aggregation, telemetry data analysis, and the implementation of internal usage programs.
  • This data-centric methodology empowers us to make well-informed decisions, refining the quality and user experience of AR/VR applications.

Worldwide Infrastructure


Our team of skilled professionals comprises experts with vast technical knowledge in testing complex projects, encompassing various areas such as functionality, compatibility, performance, automation, strategy, and architecture design.


A wealth of experience in creating unique testing strategies that result in cost reductions and efficiency gains, while still ensuring great quality and encouraging creative thinking.


Your needs for hardware and software testing can be met by our Q Test Lab facilities, both domestically and internationally. These facilities provide agile reconfiguration and scalable choices.