Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) are revolutionary technologies with significant impacts across different fields. Testing the hardware, software, and applications in this domain requires a combination of innovative methods, resourcefulness, and a comprehensive mix of technical knowledge and visual precision.

"The possibilities of artificial intelligence are as limitless as the human imagination."

Our expertise in both manual and automated testing methodologies sets us apart as global leaders in meeting the challenging needs of companies aiming to deliver state-of-the-art AR, VR, and MR products, services, and content.


Applying diverse load, speed, memory usage, and network scenarios to the Unit under Test (UUT)
Consistent and Iterative Test Passes for Sanity Checks and Reliable Usage.
We perform thorough software and hardware service validations to ensure a smooth integration of the hardware product. These comprehensive system tests evaluate end-to-end feature specifications.
Create standardized tests that align with program requirements, whether they are pre-existing or recently developed.
Performing real-device testing for both Android and iOS platforms. Employing automated functional tests on native applications using widely recognized frameworks in the industry.
Ensuring smooth operation by verifying compatibility with platform fragmentation, adherence to App Store guidelines, and uninterrupted functionality
Thoroughly exploring and validating the hardware and software capabilities of the Unit under Test (UUT) to ensure it aligns with product requirements in terms of functionality and usability.
Gathering valuable feedback and telemetry data for quality assessment by leveraging employees, A/B subjects, and focus groups.

Why Study HQ is optimal Selection?

  • We have been extensively engaged with cutting-edge VR and AR hardware, starting from initial prototypes to large-scale production rollout.
  • Our comprehensive expertise in quality assurance spans across all layers of the technology stack, encompassing Hardware, Firmware, and Software.
  • We have a specialized certification lab exclusively designed for testing third-party accessories, hardware interrupts, and software compatibility.
  • Our in-house XR test frameworks are customized for unit, system, and functional automation.
  • Enjoy resource scalability and flexibility with our fully-equipped test lab facilities strategically situated in Texas.

Worldwide Infrastructure


Our team of skilled professionals comprises experts with vast technical knowledge in testing complex projects, encompassing various areas such as functionality, compatibility, performance, automation, strategy, and architecture design.


A wealth of experience in creating unique testing strategies that result in cost reductions and efficiency gains, while still ensuring great quality and encouraging creative thinking.


Your needs for hardware and software testing can be met by our Q Test Lab facilities, both domestically and internationally. These facilities provide agile reconfiguration and scalable choices.