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At Studies HQ , we are continually conducting paid research studies for major tech companies to create some of the most innovative devices on the market. You will be able to participate and get paid for a wide variety of studies that can range from five minutes to a few hours.

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    Studies HQ | 13710 Hutton Drive, Dallas, TX 75234 | Call us at: +1 (650) 597-3601

    I agree that Studies HQ may store the information that I have provided in a secure manner and use it to contact me about taking part in paid research studies (and for no other purpose). Our Participant Registry is a secure, password-protected registry. All the information that you choose to share will be kept private and confidential with limited access to sensitive data. We secure our database using Ripple Science software which is a HIPAA-certified and compliant Participant Management System. Studies HQ' Employees: Your participation is completely voluntary and choosing to not participate will not adversely affect your employment with Studies HQ . If you do choose to participate it will be during non-working hours and any information you provide in connection with a project is kept completely confidential and separate and apart from your employment records and relationships.